Designer of the Month

Roula Dfouni

After a decade spent in the business world, Roula Dfouni decided the time had come to embrace the true calling of her heart; the calling of art. 

As with all things, Dfouni gave herself body and soul to this calling. She dedicated the next two years of her life to learning all she could about the future which awaited her and imbuing herself in every aspect of the world of art. In doing so, she began to visualize her destiny. At the heart of Dfouni’s work lies a constant; the belief that art and simplicity can not only coexist, but come together to create a more inspiring whole. 

Here she tells us about her journey into the world of jewellery and what makes her tick.


How did you first get into jewelry making? 

I was always drawn to art and design since i was a kid, crafting things on my own, for my own pleasure. It took almost 15 years stuck in the business field when i realized that I really want to create my own jewellery! It started with collage rings and took me couple of years to evolve and work with Sterling Silver and semi-precious stones.


How would you describe your brand? 

My vision is to make jewellery, this very symbolic accessory of femininity, accessible to a large crowd of women, irrespective of geographies and wealth, with competitive pricing and modern identity.  My brand stands at the crossroads of fine jewellery (characterized by the use of precious metals and stones) and fashion jewellery.


What is your favourite material to work with? 

My designs are distinguished by the use of high-end material such as Sterling Silver 925 (it contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals) and semi-precious gemstones, and notably by a rough uncut, unfinished effect, that gives each piece a unique look and the brand a competitive pricing.

Whilst the materials I use are classic and accessible, the end product is a thread between the earthy, unfinished feel of gemstones and the depth and tactile beauty of silverwork, which creates conceptual and expressive pieces.



Where do you get inspiration?

My pieces combine rough architectural contemporary flair with sensibility, inspired from both nature and colorful cultures, be that Middle Eastern, North African or Indian...addressing femininity and modernity.


What is your design process?

It always starts with an idea, inspired by a picture I see, a thought I had that is always related to nature, architectural design I saw specially in my home town Beirut. Then the idea becomes series of shapes that I sketch, the idea is always related to a message that I want to express. When the sketches are finalized, then comes the process of production.  It’s a long but very challenging process: we try, we modify, we reshape. When the collection is ready, I start brainstorming for the photo-shoot sessions (it should be related to the message I want to express of course) and after that I launch the collection!


Do you have any favourite piece from your collection? 

The Crown from my latest collection DRIFT ! It’s a mix between the modern design with a flair of the Mediterranean touch that defines my traditional origins: for me its a statement piece that reflects where I come from and who I am!


What can we expect to see from you in future?

I expect for my brand to expand beyond my expectations. I want to show that I may come from Lebanon but my brand can become an international label.


What is your motto in life?