Designer of the Month

Ghia Zaatari

‘Only Popcorn’ is an Entertainment and lifestyle brand that has recently launched out of New York. Thought up by NY based musician and curator Derrick Harden ‘Dear Derrick’, the brand is already underway with many exciting collaborations.

The Only Popcorn concept earrings designed by Ghia are one of the first ideas to pop. Inspired by the glamour and spontaneity of the entertainment industry these earrings are playfully shaped after a kernel and popped corn.

Here we speak to Ghia Zaatari about her collection and how she will be developing it in future.


How did you first get into jewelry making? 

I have always admired the art and craft and ingenuity that goes into jewelry making. I decided to start making my own pieces after we developed the brand OnlyPopcorn and I had this sudden spark to design concept popcorn earrings (inspired by our brand name) that were limited edition and positioned as art pieces, like the art we have been promoting through our shows. 


How would you describe your brand? 

OnlyPopcorn came about based on my collaboration with music artists Dear Derrick and our time working together in NY art galleries. Our brand stands for entertainment, lighthearted humor, artistic touches and collaboration. 


What is your favourite material to work with? 

I am still exploring so many new materials, including designing with 3D printers, so it is still early to choose a favorite. I like working with organic moldable materials as a start. In the case of the popcorn earrings, they were first casted using an actual piece of popcorn.


Where do you get inspiration?

My inspiration comes from playful and creative conversations I have with my two partners in OnlyPopcorn, Art shows and galleries, the urban fashion of NYC mixed with glamour aspiring Beirut.


What is your design process?

My design process starts with a concept, a study of patterns and forms found in nature, experimentation with material and hard work to get the final look close to what I have/had imagined. 


Do you have any favourite piece from your collection? 

My collection is still small and limited. The popcorn earrings are my first baby and iconic to the brand, so I would say the popcorn earrings.


What can we expect to see from you in future?

Playing with the same popcorn concept but experimenting with new materials and sizes. Perhaps bangles as well as some pins soon!


What is your motto in life?

Enjoy the simple pleasures, follow the sun and never restrain yourself from exploring.