Designer of the Month

Moe Khadra

Born in Beirut, designer Moe Khadra’s love for jewellery design started at an early age. Having lived and studied in many parts of the world including Oman, Hong Kong, Madrid, Amsterdam and Dubai, he established MOK in 2008 influenced by his international lifestyle and vibrant urban sense of style.

Since then MOK has taken on various exciting projects, been part of several fashion weeks around the region, and exhibited many times at fashion tradeshows in Paris. Khadra has become a very well known designer and a rather intense media figure constantly appearing as a multi talented individual and styling reference. His designs have become life reflecting philosophies and personal interpretations that stem out of his fervent curiosity.

Here he tells us a bit about himself and his work.


How did you first get into jewelry making? 

It was the least of my expectations as a career and design direction, although as the idea occurred to me and as I started experimenting, I witnessed immediately that this is exactly what I want to pursue. It felt like I had always been designing jewelry. I think this definitely emanates from growing up around a jewellery specialist father.


How would you describe your brand?

Underground romance, Elegantly twisted, Urban couture, Spiritually stylized.


What is your favorite material to work with?

I keep discovering…I think for me it's about the fusion and blending of materials rather than a specific material. The metal mix and the possibilities of color combinations identify my work.  


Where do you get inspiration?

As long as I do intense research on trends and remain faithful to MOK’s identity then absolutely anything inspires me!


Do you have any favorite piece from your collection? 

Pieces that illustrate the word “HOWA” are often close to my heart and also what I was able to create out of rosaries. It has such a delicate spiritual connotation. It was tricky to tackle it design wise and not turn blasphemous.  


What is your motto in life, which you may or may not include in your designs?

Design and live life with the heart of a kid but protect and guide your choices with the maturity acquired from life experiences.