Designer of the Month



Margherita (Ghita) Abi-Hanna spent most of her life in Lebanon. Her self-named brand Margherita strives to create unique, bold designs, for the most part carefully hand-crafted by Lebanese artisans. Here we talk about how she first started, her inspiration and her design process.


How did you first get into jewellery making?

I actually did not get into jewelry making or even plan to become a jewelry designer until I launched my brand 5 years ago. My first collection consisted mainly of leather goods with only 2 ring designs that also incorporated leather.


How would you describe your brand? 

Simple, bold, architectural.


What is your favourite material to work with? 

I mainly work with silver, as I love wearing silver myself. I have however recently begun to experiment with adding concrete to my designs and would like to continue using this material along with silver and brass.


Where do you get inspiration? 

A very wide variety of things, including thoughts in my head that may have been triggered by random things that I see and encounter.

What is your design process?

I always begin a collection with a clear and defined concept in mind. I undergo extensive research in the chosen subject and draw visual inspiration related to that subject. I sometimes even do some writing around the subject in order to help decide on the direction I want to take. Then I go on to make lots sketches, mainly by hand. Sometimes final designs come around quickly, other times I keep changing and adjusting throughout he process of digitizing my ideas and the prototyping phase until I feel satisfied with the result. The final step in my design process would be finalizing my drawings on 3D software and sending them off for production.


Do you have any favourite piece from your collection? 

I love them all!

What can we expect to see from you in future?

Many surprises. 


What is your motto in life?

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind, always.