My Shopping Diaries: Argentina

I was flipping through my Christmas Holiday photos yesterday- where I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Argentina- and it dawned on me how similar in culture the Lebanese and Argentinians are. Beyond the close family ties, national pride and sarcastic humor (both cultures are guilty of that!), I was taken aback when we walked into an independent local design store in Palermo Soho and spotted what could have easily been a showroom in the heart of Beirut’s Gemmayze.


Statement Jewellery galore- each designer had their own signature style. I fell in love with these earrings; very unusual and yet could easily fit in with the philosophy of


Wandering around the streets it was wonderful to get a feel for the local design. There are not many international brands (yet) so every shop I walked into was a bit of an exploration- browsing through the racks of cotton tops and dresses with stunning ethnic prints. How gorgeous is this skirt?


Argentina’s best hidden secret ? Hardly hidden but tough to get a hold of. The leather! In downtown Buenos Aires, there are a couple of stores (Guido/ Cardon) that all specialize in leather goods (handbags, belts, purses, horse saddles etc..). Probably the best place you could ever find for everyday staples; even moreso for men- where my partner literally walked out of the store with 20 belts and 5 pairs of shoes (and that was just for his friends..)



The best days of all however were when we left the hustle bustle of the city for the stillness of Patagonia down South.  Sipping the local tea (mate), watching the sun gently tuck behind the snow-topped Andes mountains in a gorgeous pink glow while the lake softly glistened below... I understood where so much of this inherent creativity and passion for color came from. And every time I look at one of the gorgeous pieces of jewellery I brought home from that trip, I'll remember what a happy time we spent there. Definition of a statement piece. 





Written by Joumanna Nasr -Founder.