Statement Jewellery

So it’s no secret that we love our jewellery here at (it would be weird to have an online jewellery store if we didn’t). What I’ve found over the years is that one necklace has the power to transform a LBD into a complete fashion statement. I never realized that rings could elicit so many oohs and ahs until I started my own personal collection of rings sourced from fabulous Lebanese designers back home. So that really begs the question- what is statement jewellery? I asked some of my friends the same question and here is what we came up with.

Statement Jewellery is a standout piece. It is impactful. It catches attention. It’s handmade, a labor of love and creativity. It is gorgeous. It can be glamorous, romantic, punky, conceptual, colourful, vintage.. doesn’t really matter because each piece ends up being a story in itself. A statement piece is one that jazzes up your outfit and has your personal stamp all over it.

All the designers on our site (and stay tuned because we have some fantastic new ones coming on board soon) were selected for that reason. Every piece is a labor of love and creativity and if you enjoy wearing them even half as much as we do here at our job is done!